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Name:Sulu Is My Captain
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Fic, meta, art, and more about Hikaru Sulu.
Because Sulu is made of win and awesome, I bring you [community profile] suluismycaptain: a community for fic, art, meta, and more about Hikaru Sulu, helmsman of the Enterprise, captain of the Excelsior, expert swordsman, and all-around badass.

  1. Types of posts that are welcome here:
    • Fic! Slash, het, and gen are all welcome! Crossovers are welcome! Please put anything NSFW, or over 100 words long, behind a cut tag. Feel free to link to your own journal rather than posting in the comm.

    • Art! Hand-drawn, digital, collages, icons, backgrounds, banners, photomanips, anything visual. Please put anything NSFW, or over 500 px wide, behind a cut tag. Feel free to link to your own journal rather than posting in the comm.

    • Meta! Reviews of the shows/movies, reviews of books starring Sulu, thoughts about Sulu's history (or future!), general thoughts about Sulu, your personal fanon for Sulu, discussions about Sulu, whatever. Please put anything NSFW or super-long behind a cut tag. Feel free to link to your own journal rather than posting in the comm.

    • Recs! Of art, particular shows, fic, whatever. Show us your Sulu-based rec lists!

    • Challenges and other Sulu-specific communities! If you know of a Sulu-based challenge, or a challenge where they're giving out Sulu prompts like candy, let us know! In the case of comment fic/porn battle-type challenges, do link us directly to the Sulu content; don't make us wade through 2000 characters who are not Sulu. We are a focused comm. Or, well, we'll try to be.

  2. Types of posts that (at least for now) I'd like to avoid here:
    • Actor posts. I love George Takei, and I love John Cho, but for the time being I'd like to focus on Sulu. (This is one of the guidelines that's liable to change down the road, and meta wherein the actors talk about the character is certainly welcome, but for now, please stick with the character and not the actors.)

    • Please PM me before posting any kind of promotion that isn't strictly Sulu-specific. If you started up a Sulu/Kirk or Sulu/Spock or Sulu/Chekov comm, by all means post it here! If your comm is general Trek, helmsmen of Trek, fencers of Trek, Asian-Americans in SF/F, etc., get in touch with me first, please. (I'll happily link to your comm in the userinfo, but would prefer to avoid opening the floodgates to individual promotion of the massive numbers of Trek comms that are springing up. We could easily be hit with 20 of those in a row, which is not the intent or focus of this comm.)

    • Quizzes, memes, and so on. As awesome as it is that Sulu could conceivably be the focus of internet quizzes and memes, really, no.

    • Intro posts. (Sorry about the late add on this; I've never been in a comm where intro posts happened!) Posts should have some actual content, please; we're very happy to meet you, and I'll probably put up a meet-and-greet post eventually, but let's stay focused!

  3. Tagging guidelines!
    • To be determined!

  4. Weekly digests! Roughly once a week (day TBD), I'll put together a listing of everything that's been posted in the community, sorted by category (fic/art/meta/admin/etc.), and will tag it with "digest". If you don't want the traffic from a community on your reading list, but would like to keep up with what's being posted here, you can track the tag instead of subscribing to the comm.

Guidelines subject to revision; I apologize if I've forgotten anything, but I probably won't know it until I see it. >_>

The comm's default icon is available for anyone who wants it; you are welcome to use it and remix it as you please!

En garde! :D

Affiliates/Other communities of interest:
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[community profile] star_trek_flashfic: A short fic community, where there's a new Trekverse challenge every two weeks! All flavors of Trek are welcome.
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